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Eligibility Policy

LPGE 7-12 Eligibility Policy


Students can lose eligibility during the following dates throughout the school year:

A.  Midterm 1

B. Quarter 1

C. Midterm 2

D. Quarter 2

E. Midterm 3

F. Quarter 3

G. Midterm 4

H.  Quarter 4


Eligibility will be determined by semester grades at every grading period.


An eligibility report will be generated the following day after grades are posted and discipline will go into effect the following day.

For example: Grades post for Midterm 1 on October 5th, a report would be generated on October 5th, and any necessary disciplinary action would begin on October 6th.


Athletic Activities:

Students will lose eligibility for 2 weeks or 2 events (whichever is longer) for all athletic activities. 


Fine Arts and Extra-Curricular Activities:

Students will lose eligibility for 1 week or 1 event (whichever is longer)